MobileMe&You 2018: Session Recap

This year’s MobileMe&You 2018 conference was hosted at the University of Nebraksa-Lincoln.

MobileMe&You is a journalism and technology conference focused on new and innovative tools and best practices for newsgathering and storytelling on mobile media.

It introduces you to the latest technologies affecting the journalism industry.

Check out this year’s sessions from MobileMe&You 2018 on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus below and watch the video recap.

Speakers from The Washington Post, Quartz, CNN, Univision and various universities spoke about how to use drones, bots, mobile multimedia newsgathering, virtual reality, 360 video, social media and audience analysis.

Reaching new audiences and building better partnerships
(Christopher Meighan, Washington Post)

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Readers await us everywhere, it is our job to find and engage them. How media companies interact with products goes a long way toward hooking new audiences. Learn how the Emerging News Products team at The Washington Post leverages platforms like Snapchat and Apple News in combination with microsites such as to build new followings.

How Mobile Media Fit into the Big 10’s Content Plans
(Mark Hulsey, The Big Ten Network)

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Mobile media are another element of being a complete news provider, giving your audience whatever information they want, wherever they are and on whatever device they are using. Learn how the Big 10 uses mobile media as part of its total plan to engage young audiences and those on the go.

Build Bots to Build Relationships
(John Keefe, Quartz Bot Studio)

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Conversations carry incredible potential beyond content delivery–they can build meaningful, long-term relationships with an audience. Each chat is a one-on-one channel between users and the organization, capable of intimacy, immediacy and relevance. In this session, I’ll detail the important lessons we’ve learned at Quartz in designing those deep relationships with readers. We’ll take a candid look at our missteps, explore insights from user research and interviews, and dive into the implications of one of the most meaningful takeaways from our first couple of years in the Quartz Bot Studio.

Tools for Producing Immersive and Interactive Media on a Budget
(Ben Kreimer, University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

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Virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D reconstructions and 360° video provide creative opportunities for engaging audiences through immersive and interactive storytelling experiences on mobile devices. This session will cover the accessible and low-cost toolkit (including drones and 360 cameras) and software available for producing such content.

Mobile Video Storytelling
(Danese Kenon, Tampa Bay Times)

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Learn how to use your mobile device to create, edit and distribute your video. This session will teach practical tips and demonstrate how to use equipment and apps to make your mobile video workflow easier.

Reaching Latinos, visually
(Almudena Toral, Univision News Digital)

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At a time of increasing importance of public service journalism, Univision reaches a shifting demographic in two languages, using visual formats tailored to mobile media. The discussion will include photojournalism, documentaries, social video, first-person animations, virtual reality, infographics and design for digital specials.

Socializing news
(Yusuf Omar, Hashtag Our Stories)

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How to make a newsroom with mobile phones: Social discovery, publishing and engagement.

The future of storytelling forms
(P. Kim Bui, NowThis News)

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A look at mobile audiences, young audiences, and how we can adapt storytelling forms to match today’s changing consumers. You’ll walk away with some new ideas to try, and some best practices for what is already out there.

The Next Frontier in Mobile: Micro Location and News
(Amy Schmitz Weiss, San Diego State University)

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What are the latest trends in news distribution, reporting and consumption with the mobile device? Amy Schmitz Weiss, Ph.D., will highlight some of the latest research she conducted that challenges existing notions of mobile news consumer behaviors and provides insight into new mobile methods for newsgathering and reporting.

Build a relevance machine
(Zach Wade, CNN Digital)

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You don’t have to go fish in a vast data lake to reel in a personal feed. Here’s how you can use everyday visual, geo and momentary context to achieve relevance for your mobile audience.

Preparing for the End of the Smartphone
(Zach Wise, Knight Lab, Northwestern)

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In the next five years we most likely will see the smartphone retire and either move in with the kids or join a retirement community. In the Knight Lab we’re preparing for what comes next. We’ve been busy building and prototyping what journalism might look like in the near future but also what is useful now as we transition out of the smartphone era. Come hear about our progress.

It’s More Than a Pilot’s License
(Matt Waite, University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

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Drone journalism can help you tell stories in ways you never could before. Get tips from the head of UNL’s Drone Journalism Lab about when, how and why to use this form of storytelling. Also, weather permitting, after the talk there will be a live demonstration.

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